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Dead Man's Chest [entries|friends|calendar]
A pirates life for me...

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[31 Jul 2006|03:40pm]


Leaked potc 3 script.
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[15 Jul 2006|09:20pm]


(24) POTC: Dead men's chest.
[ Credit & Comment ]

( Dead Men Tell No Tales )
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Delicious pic of Jack Sparrow/Johnny on Empire Magazine! [29 Jun 2006|04:44pm]

Picture under a cut as it might not be dialup friendly...Collapse )

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'm off to phone my Border's bookstore and see if they have this issue and if they can hold it for me until Saturday. I'm ACHING to get my deadlights on the 15 page inside guide to PotC 2 AND 3!!!! SWEET!
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PotC3 Title... [19 Apr 2006|11:56pm]

[ mood | exhausted ]

Went here> http://www.rottentomatoes.com/news/comments/?entryid=311802

.. and found this (read below)

Third "Pirates" Flick Has an Apocalyptic Title
Scott Weinberg writes: "ComingSoon.net got word from an employee of a UK Disney store that the new title for Pirates of the Caribbean 3 has been chosen. It's actually a title that we hardcore Pirates freaks heard about a few months ago ... but now we (reportedly) have the true scoop. The third Pirates flick, following The Curse of the Black Pearl and this summer's Dead Man's Chest, will be called......Pirates of the Caribbean: World's End, which one can only assume is the spot on the map that remains undiscovered, the area where charted waters disappear and sailors are forced to deal with the, well, the world's end. According to maritine legend, the world's end is where you'll find all sorts of giant monsters and devious dangers. Sounds like fun.

But first we still have Dead Man's Chest to look forward to, which opens on July 7th and features the return of the insane Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp), the dashing Will Turner (Orlando Bloom), the lovely Elizabeth Swann (Keira Knightley) ... and a whole bunch of returnees from PotC1."

------- end of article -------

HOLY CRAP! Did you READ that? That bit here, "the spot on the map that remains undiscovered, the area where charted waters disappear and sailors are forced to deal with the, well, the world's end"

Just.. just!!! UBER-Coool, that is. Ted and Terry are PURE genius, they are.

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[12 Dec 2005|03:54pm]


Looks like the Disney Website has finally made their Pirates site interactive.

--> http://disney.go.com/disneypictures/pirates/

There's not much to do yet, but there are some fun behind-the-scenes photos and I'm sure as time goes on, it will fill up with more to download and look at. So bookmark it! =)
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What's UP!?!?!?!?! [27 Nov 2005|10:58pm]

Okay, it's all over the web... or it was, until it got yanked anyway.

But, it's all over the web! The movie clip to the sequel to DMC has leaked, spoilers to the script and the ending have leaked and not a friggin thing said on this community about any of it??!?!?!


Well, I'll start, if that's all you're waiting for. I saw the trailer. My kids stood behind me and watched it with me the 2nd time 'round. I downloaded it after it was yanked (keeping mum on where) and showed it to my husband, and he thought it looked exciting. I CAN NOT WAIT!

Now, come to find out there are leaks of the script and stuff. Spoilers to the ending.. Okay, anyone care to tell me where I can find that?

Guess I'm not a very patient person. Heck, I'm one of those kids who'd sneak down stairs, days before Christmas and open a present, then carefully re-wrap it so's no one would notice it. I'm just wired that way. I even skip to endings of books that I like! But I do finish them. :)

Okay. Someone share. Some one say something about the MOVIE!
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PotC 2 Trailer! [23 Nov 2005|10:54am]


Yes, you read that correctly; It's finally here! If you've been keeping up with the news about the Black Pearl Racing team, you can now view a trailer for Pirates of the Caribbean 2: Dead Man's Chest on their website! Unfortunately it's very tiny and I don't know how to make caps.

-->See the trailer here! [You have to click on "the Movie" and the trailer should load in the center box]

x-posting like whoa
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[08 Oct 2005|07:55pm]

Geuss what I just noticed!

Well you know how all those tribes are freaking out because in POTC II there is a tribe scene with canoblism in it?
Well! CATCF Depp said: "Everything in this room is eatble. Even I am eatble but that is frowned upon in most cultures" or something

WTFWTF WTF how did no one spot this? huhuhuhuhu?

This should of been all over LJ!

I wonder if that is Depp's line or part of the script...
I mean if that is one of Depp's famouse edits then


Yeah. Okay.

xposted everywhere
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MORE MORE MORE!! MORE PICS OF JACK! [07 Apr 2005|03:30pm]

[ mood | anxious ]

More Pic’s of Jack during the filming of PotC2: Dead Man’s Chest

Jack and his doxies; Giselle and ScarlettCollapse )

Nooo, don’t go thinkin’ you’ve seen these yet. Thanks to the Johnny Depp-Zone for the wonderful shots! Have you all noticed how the members there are mostly to thank for all the behind the scenes shots…? Great group of Depp-heads to which I proudly belong.

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..well [05 Apr 2005|10:47pm]

No one seems to be posting... even though people ARE joining, so I encourage you all to post! The only reason this community can grow is if we have active members. So, please, post.

And I made this fansite for POTC awhile ago, and I am going to open it back up again. Walk The Plank. I need some help with it! Just go to the site for more info! Thanks.
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POTC 2... [04 Apr 2005|08:52pm]

Found a little sum up of the sequel. I'm sure theres a longer one somewhere but this is the first one I came across.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Does anyone know why they would say that it's starring Naomi Harris? Or is that a typo.. ?
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hello =) [03 Apr 2005|02:13pm]

Hello and welcome to Dead Man's Chest... a POTC community. Please read the userinfo, and join! I assure you that this community will grow into a bigger one. im your mod, Taylor, and I LOVE potc (durr). Have fun! and PLEASE PLEASE promote the community at other communities and on your journal... its the nice thing to do. Thanks <333
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